What is Life Now But Waiting?

Caution: Bummer of an article ahead

We spend everyday waiting for the day to end.

Then we spend the night waiting for sleep to befall us.

We spend the week waiting for the weekend.

We spend what feels like an eternity waiting for the next season of our favourite show to dawn on Netflix and when it does we consume the content like a dog consumes peanut butter. When that’s done, we wait for the next season of a different show.

We wait for sales. When a sale does land we realise we waited too long and now our size is no longer available in the good stuff; we are left in a sea of XS and XXL fish.

We wait for our nails to dry after a mani/pedi. We take them for how they look- dry enough. And next thing you know, the varnish has started to do that ugly wet peeling thing and the manicurist needs to fix it for you, which she does with an obvious sigh of irritation.

We wait for the weather to change. In the peak of the summer we wait for things to cool down before we head to the beach so as not to burn. We get to the beach and find out it’s actually cold now, and that we waited for too long.

We wait to meet someone special. We wait for them to text us. When they do, we wait for that special connection that makes us want more. When we get that connection, we wait for one of us to screw up. Inevitably one of us screws up hard and we wait for the heart to gather its 51 million pieces and move on.

We wait for people to change. We wait for them to realise what they could be if they tried. They think we are happy with what they are and continue to live the way they do, so we wait for a change that doesn’t come.

We wait for lockdowns to end, we wait for vaccines. We wait for viruses to either leave or become one of us.

We wait for joy. What if joy passes us by and we keep waiting for something that doesn’t even exist?



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Amandeep Ahuja

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