The Most Overrated Holiday is Upon Us

New Year, Same Me

  • #blessed
  • #gratitude
  • Posts that tell you it’s okay if you haven’t achieved anything
  • Posts that tell you they have achieved a great deal by getting more time to focus on themselves
  • #selfcare
This one doresn’t count because I was being ironic, but if you must, now would be a good time to drink
  • Anything about how much someone wanted to travel in 2020- we all did, get over it
  • ‘Top 9’ posts from 2020
  • A picture that has nothing to do with the caption — this isn’t a New Year thing, this is an all year thing and it pisses me off somehow
  • Posts about wanting a trial of 2021 before getting a full year subscription- that joke is so 2020
  • Posts about COVID-19 saying ‘New year, new me’- I said this to a friend recently and he told me this is already a meme and I was sad because I thought I got there first
  • 2021 resolutions



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Amandeep Ahuja

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