The Most Overrated Holiday is Upon Us

Every big holiday is overrated and the most overrated is New Year’s Eve. It’s the same jazz every year. Massive plans about two weeks before the end of the year, a group of people thinking about possibly getting a suite or a large hotel room, partying in said hotel, and then staying the night in luxury. Then hotels publish their New Year’s rates and the plan downgrades to ‘let’s get dinner and watch the fireworks and then head home’. Then restaurants publish their rates for dinner and it’s something ridiculous like 2000 Dirhams per person with alcohol and a direct view of the fireworks. When you get to the venue, your view is blocked by someone who got the 3000 Dirhams package and got a table closer to the fireworks. This plan then downgrades to ‘house party at mine and then we watch fireworks, and then we party until the sun comes up’. We get to the house party, things get ridiculously hot and intoxicated, you miss the fireworks because there is no direct view from wherever you decided to go, people hug and kiss each other from midnight until the end of the party because the new year is here (and this goes on roughly until the 5th of January- anyone celebrating the new year for longer than that is causing anarchy), and then you go home and sleep like nothing has changed. It’s the same jazz every freaking year. Why do we need a new year to have a new beginning? Why are restaurants so overpriced for a small, pretentious meal and house beverages to watch fireworks that are frankly underwhelming at this stage (I grew up in Dubai, I have seen all kinds of fireworks imaginable)? Why are hotels so overpriced for bad service, a small room, and a DJ that is only so-so? I know, I know, it makes business sense to overcharge gullible people who will pay anything to have a direct view of the fireworks for insta-worthy shots. I have done this multiple times, paid to be at the centre of all the action. But I have gone home every time feeling a little bit daunted at the idea of another year of disappointment and being out another couple of thousand Dirhams for a frankly inadequate night.

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