The Couple So Clearly on a Date

You’re making it so obvious

Image by Amandeep Ahuja

The man is French. He has that look on his face. Long, blond hair. Little goatee. Look of carelessness akin to the one Napoleon had all his life (I’m guessing, I wouldn’t actually be able to verify 100% accuracy of that comparison). He is wearing a worn out t shirt and faded blue jeans. He speaks slowly and smoothly and his accent confirms my initial hypothesis.

The woman is Indian. She is wearing short shorts and a checked shirt. Her hair falls carelessly below her waist. Her face looks artistic with multiple piercings in her ears and one on her nose.

They are drinking tea in a crowded cafe. Servers and delivery men throng the room and pass them by but they have eyes only for each other. She looks at the man with the eyes of a dog looking at his owner. He tells her the story of a difficult childhood. She takes a chance and caresses his arm to comfort him. He smiles and looks at her with affection. He tells her another story and she says, “I find that interesting.” He says, “how about we take a walk outside?” She smiles awkwardly and says, “I’m afraid I might run into someone I know”. “Are you ashamed of me?” I chuckle. Ashamed. It’s never that. These white boys will never understand the struggle of a brown girl not wanting to be seen with a white guy for fear of becoming the talk of the town. Silly privileged boys.

“Of course not”, she says. “I just don’t want to lose you.”

He smiles at her, eyes glistening with romance.

I put on my headphones. If things are about to get romantic, I’m probably going to start facepalming.



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Amandeep Ahuja

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