Maybe one day borders will cease to exist

And love will know no bounds;

Maybe one day the mind will persist

And do what the heart for longs.

Maybe one day the voice of doubt

Will cease to prompt question;

And faith will reign about

And regret will never belong.

Maybe one day the past won’t haunt

Gliding into the back walls of the mind

Gleaming with shame and taunt

To dim the spirit of the living.

Maybe one day the present will elate

And wipe away memories that daunt

And nostalgic joy will no longer be bait

To the mind that wanders about.

Maybe living in the moment will come

To the mind when the moment exists;

Maybe life won’t pass by some

In the very blink of an eye.



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Amandeep Ahuja

Amandeep Ahuja is the Author of ‘The Frustrated Women’s Club’. Buy a copy here: https://linktr.ee/amandeepahuja