Indian Weddings are the Most Fun Parties Anyone Will Ever Attend

And Why it Takes 5 Business Days to Recover

Lakshmi and Niketh Proposal- December 2019
Lakshmi looking all kinds of glam- June 2021

Indian Weddings are a Collection of Parties

An excited Bride-to-be- June 2021
Masks on- June 2021
Recreating the 10-J Reunion Photo
Mehndi is all about colour- June 2021
‘Chod ke aayi tere paas’ — June 2021
Rowdy Babies — June 2021
Kalyanam — June 2021
Next Cover Shot for ‘Vogue’

Indian Hospitality is Next Level

Pre-Sadhya — June 2021
Post-Sadhya — June 2021

Indian Time is a Concept I Am Not Happy With

(Punjabi + Old School) Music → Fun Times

It’s All in the Little Touches

Logo detail + Wisdom → Perfect Present
Flower Detail
The Bride and the Groom Play Games After the Wedding. Perfect, because Lakshmi is the Most Competitive Person I Have Ever Seen — And By the Looks of it, so is Niketh

Heels and Saris are Fun- Until You Have to Walk Around In Them All Day

Here we see a group of six girls holding on to their saris like dear life — June 2021

When Did We Get Old?

Weddings Are A Great Occasion to Take ‘Extra’ Pictures

‘Such candid, much wow’ -Ravi (2021)
An Extra Amandeep

When the Wedding Ends, You Miss It


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