Indian Weddings are the Most Fun Parties Anyone Will Ever Attend

And Why it Takes 5 Business Days to Recover

Lakshmi and Niketh Proposal- December 2019
Lakshmi looking all kinds of glam- June 2021

Indian Weddings are a Collection of Parties

Every time I need some time off work to go to a wedding, I am met with questions about why I need to take four days off. Surely, a wedding is one day so you need a maximum of two days off?

An excited Bride-to-be- June 2021
Masks on- June 2021
Recreating the 10-J Reunion Photo
Mehndi is all about colour- June 2021
‘Chod ke aayi tere paas’ — June 2021
Rowdy Babies — June 2021
Kalyanam — June 2021
Next Cover Shot for ‘Vogue’

Indian Hospitality is Next Level

My Indian/Arab peers will be familiar with this, and perhaps non-Indians/Arabs who have ever been guests to an Indian/Arab family for a dinner party too, but nothing beats Indian/Arab hospitality.

Pre-Sadhya — June 2021
Post-Sadhya — June 2021

Indian Time is a Concept I Am Not Happy With

Growing up, I was always taught the value of punctuality. It is simply rude to keep people waiting if you have a pre-confirmed time with someone. If you cannot make it in time, always do the courteous thing and give them a heads-up. It is called manners.

(Punjabi + Old School) Music → Fun Times

No party is ever complete without music and nothing makes a party like old school music. The tunes have remained the same since I was a kid. Dil Luteya was the rage back in 2004 and now, seventeen years later, it is still played in every party and still gets the same reaction of ‘Oho!’ from the crowd.

It’s All in the Little Touches

Of course, this isn’t a uniquely ‘Indian wedding’ thing, but they do sure spring more to life with the little finishing touches. It’s in these personal touches that the bride and groom feel special and the guests lose their marbles and take pictures of everything

Logo detail + Wisdom → Perfect Present
Flower Detail
The Bride and the Groom Play Games After the Wedding. Perfect, because Lakshmi is the Most Competitive Person I Have Ever Seen — And By the Looks of it, so is Niketh

Heels and Saris are Fun- Until You Have to Walk Around In Them All Day

The longevity of an Indian wedding means multiple outfit changes — which also means multiple occasions where women end up wearing heels. Of course no one pushes us to wear heels but they make us look pretty and we like to look pretty.

Here we see a group of six girls holding on to their saris like dear life — June 2021

When Did We Get Old?

Unfortunately for me and my fellow bridesmaids, the wedding was also a reminder that we are no longer part of the Youth Movement and that the ageing process comes to us all.

Weddings Are A Great Occasion to Take ‘Extra’ Pictures

Life usually gets in the way and on an ordinary night you won’t dress up and take candid pictures. But weddings aren’t ordinary nights at all. They are extraordinary occasions requiring multiple outfits and we shall all be damned if we didn’t use the occasion to take all sorts of pictures.

‘Such candid, much wow’ -Ravi (2021)
An Extra Amandeep

When the Wedding Ends, You Miss It

Yes, it caused a hangover. Yes, your feet hurt. Yes, you are sleep-deprived.




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