A Politically Incorrect Summary of Working with a Multicultural Clientele

It takes all sorts to make a world

Indian People and Payments

I want to start with my own country because it has been by far the most educational of experiences in terms of standing your ground and not taking sh*t from people.

The British Love a Good Moan

The British are perhaps the easiest people to have a transaction with, at least in my interactions with them, but if something doesn’t go the way they were expecting or wanted it to, the moaning and the whingeing that follows is comical as well as frustrating. I am not the first person to point this out; even my British colleagues have said ‘oh, the Brits do love a good moan’.

Karens from North America

Demanding to speak to (your) manager is a very American thing, at least in my work. A lot of the times these Karens are from the US but one time I communicated with a Canadian Karen and I was in shock that Canada could even produce a Karen.

Europeans Have a Lot of Energy and Passion

There is somehow an excess of Portuguese professionals in my industry, along with a smattering of the French and the Spanish, and they have one thing in common- they are so passionate about everything. They talk with so much energy and they move around with just as much energy. Sometimes I just want to take a nap after conversing with them. It’s the same with Brazilians- so much energy and so much passion.

Eastern Europeans are Slightly Different than the Rest of Europe

I had a few Eastern European clients drop into the office one time and obviously I did a very bad, racist Russian accent in front of my colleague to let him know that an Eastern European communication was about to occur. As I walked towards them though, I was determined not to think about the stereotypes associated with them- that they might be stern and reserved. For all I knew, they could be fun and jolly. They weren’t. The Eastern Europeans I have met since have been stern and reserved as well. Having said that, one of my Romanian colleagues is anything but stern and reserved, so she is the exception to the rule.

Aussies and Kiwis are Ridiculously Nice

I don’t know what it is about them, maybe they have exceptional governments, or maybe living so close to the beach makes them happy, or perhaps New Zealand reaching a COVID-free status has just made them even nicer, but I am yet to come across an Aussie or a Kiwi who wasn’t nice.

The Young Ones with Rich Dads

I have immense respect for the Rich Dads in the region- they had humble beginnings and they remain humble to everyone. The hospitality of the older population knows no bounds. The younger population….are a little bit different. They have everything they could ever need. They have so much money, sometimes they ‘accidentally’ pay twice for the same thing and then don’t even ask for a refund. That’s great for my company’s cash flow but it makes audit a nightmare so I have to be the good guy and tell them what’s happened. When was the last time that you paid for something twice because you hadn’t got a text from your bank yet to say the payment was completed?



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